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The Catholic Life of the school is integral to what we do at Christ the King and runs through all aspects of school life. We have a welcoming, caring community built on Christian values, where all members, adults and children are valued and encouraged to achieve their potential as children of God. The Catholic Identity and ethos is explicit through the learning environment, chaplaincy provision and community cohesion.


Our mission statement is the foundation stone on which we build the Catholic Life of the School and we aim to achieve our mission by:

  • Establishing, maintaining and developing a Catholic ethos which is permeated in everything we do and is apparent to all those who enter the school
  • Providing frequent opportunities for conscious and active participation and leadership in collective worship
  • Creating a place of learning where faith is central
  • Providing an enriched curriculum which is creative, inspiring and inclusive for all pupils
  • Being an outreaching centre of God’s mission on earth in promoting the virtues of faith, hope and charity
  • Ensuring that the Gospel values are permeated through all policies such as inclusion, behaviour, curriculum etc.
  • Developing children’s understanding of vocation, that God created each person for a unique and special purpose
  • Supporting the Sacramental Programme within the Parish
  • Aiming to bring about an awareness of the needs of others
  • Developing links with the parish, diocese and wider community.


As part of the Catholic Life of the school, we are focusing on the three themes set out by Bishop Patrick McKinney. Each term we will focus on one of the three topics, starting with Encounter, where we invite the children to find more opportunities to be with God and allow Him into our hearts and minds. The following terms will focus on Discipleship and Missionary Discipleship.

These words mean:

Encounter – to call

Discipleship – to build

Missionary discipleship – to send

Please see the documents below highlighting some of the work we are currently doing for Bishop Patrick's three spiritual themes. 


We have also recently been awarded with the Bronze UNICEF Rights Respecting Award. A Right's Respecting School is a place where children's rights are respected, their talents are nurtured and they are able to thrive. The work our children do concerning the rights of a child help raise awareness of the rights of other children around the world, and fundraise and campaign for all children to be respected. Please see our action plan for the Silver Award below, as well as a summary of the Rights of The Child United Nations Convention.


As part of our commitment to developing the whole child, our school provides Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) sessions. The programme we use is called A Journey In Love and is recommended by the Diocese of Nottingham. It is a progressive programme that begins in Reception by looking at love in our families, and gradually builds up as the children move through the school. All content is age appropriate and is delivered in line with the teaching of the Catholic Church. Please see the documents at the bottom of this page for a breakdown of the content delivered to each year group. Please also see our RSE policy in the Policies section of the Catholic Life tab.


Our school respects and learns about other faiths, with a focus in the Advent Term on Judaism. During the Pentecost Term, children learn about one other world religion each year, as outlined in the Come and See RE curriculum. We are lucky enough to be able to provide our children with visits to local places of worship to learn about the customs and traditions of other faiths, as well as inviting guests into school to talk about their religion. 


National Youth Sunday 2019

This year, we will be celebrating National Youth Sunday in school on Friday 22nd November, where we will be having a non-school uniform day to raise money for the youth work within our Diocese, such as the Briars Retreat. Our chaplaincy team will be selling juice and biscuits at break time to raise funds also! 

In the afternoon, the Briars team will be broadcasting LIVE from our school across the Diocese to end the fun for National Youth Day, which is the Feast of Christ the King. Join us again at Mother of God Parish church at 10:30am on Sunday 24th November for our  Family Mass, to celebrate the feast of Christ the King!

This year's theme for National Youth Sunday is Significance. Watch this video below to find out more. 

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