Christ the King CVA


‘Christ the King welcomes everyone in our community as we share the joys of our Faith. We worship, learn and play together in the love of Jesus, helping one another to develop the talents given to us by God.’


Our school has a particular distinctiveness, in that it seeks to represent the Gospel teachings of Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Catholic Church in all that we do. We strive to develop the talents of every member of our community, and use our God-given gifts for the greater good.

Prayer, play and learning are at the forefront of our curriculum and shape the daily life of the school. All pupils are actively engaged in living out the mission every day and are shining examples of what it means to be a missionary disciple. Pupils show respect for themselves and each other as we were all made in the image and likeness of God. We respect each other’s divine uniqueness and thank God for making us special.

Our School Motto is ‘Believe and Achieve’, but what does this mean for our children and families?

At Christ the King, we believe:

  • God made the world and all of us, so we look after our world and love our neighbours as ourselves 
  • That God gave us all our gifts and talents, so we should use them and share them for the good of others
  • Christ is our King and is at the centre of our school community, guiding our decisions and helping us make the right choices 
  • That we should always try our best and use every opportunity to learn and grow



Mission Statement Awards


Each week, class teachers nominate one pupil who has lived out the School Mission Statement from their class.  We celebrate their successes by giving the children a big round of applause in assembly as well as a special sticker.

On the Infant Site we call this award our ‘Magnificent Missionaries’ and on the Juniors it is known as the ‘CTK Missionaries’’ award. 

We are incredibly proud of all of our children at Christ the King and particularly those who have been selected by their teacher for living out our School Mission Statement. Please see below for details of the children who have been chosen for the award this week and the reasons why they have been selected:


Magnificent Missionaries

Week Beginning: Wednesday 2nd December 2019






Olly has shone this week! He has worked so hard in all that he has done and has shown brilliant determination within his writing. He has even shown fantastic kindness by helping his friends with their writing too, well done Olly!  



Rio has shown excellent behaviour this week and he has done really well in his writing, maths and RE. Rio is really coming out of his shell and he is challenging himself to answer tricky questions within lessons. He is setting such a good example to the other children that look up to him in the class! Rio keep it up! 



Oliver is a new boy! His attitude to learning over the last couple of weeks has been amazing. He listens carefully on the carpet and tries his very best.  



For always treating adults and her friends with respect. Alaine is a great role model for children in the class and often looks out for her friends by politely reminding them to make the right choices. You are a wonderful friend to your class mates! 



Ramayah has shown kindness and patience with her peers this week, and can always be relied upon to lend a hand and to tidy up the classroom even when she has not been the one to make the mess!  She is a great example to us all! 



For showing love and kindness to her family at home this week. Charlie has made her family feel happy by playing and learning with them, using kind words and actions.  



I frequently catch Keyla ‘in the act’ of helping others with their learning. She’s excellent at explaining what needs to be done because she is such a great listening. Thank you, superstar! 



For putting effort into improving her handwriting. She is working to ensure that she is using her neatest presentation skills during learning time. 



For doing an incredible design for his moon buggy. He included lots of great ideas and clearly labelled his diagram.  

Captains of the week 

Year 2 do not have any this week. 

1 F/G Samuel and Lacey 

Emily and Aiden (1SR) 

Lucas and Sophia (1GO) 


CTK Missionaries  

Week Beginning: Monday 9th December 2019 






For sharing her talents and enthusiasm by again going above and beyond in her homework and making the class a mix CD of her favourite music.



For his enthusiasm towards his learning and his overall kindness towards everyone.



For always sharing her talents with others around her to help them in their learning and always contributing in lessons.



Developing his talents by joining in with everything as soon as he started at CTK.



For supporting other children through discussions in our class.



For working hard always and getting amazing results. In all subjects.