Christ the King CVA

Parish details


We are lucky enough to have three thriving parishes that feed into our school community. The school is well supported by all three priests and share celebrations with them, both in school and at church.


Mother of God Parish

The school is a stone’s throw away from Mother of God Parish on New Parks Boulevard. The children can walk to mass here, with it being almost big enough to cater for our growing school community. The Parish Priest is Fr George Thomas, who was a head teacher himself for many years.

Masses at Mother of God are said in both English and Malayalam.

Greencoat Road




St Peter’s Parish

On Hinckley Road sits St Peter’s parish, which is made up of families originating from many different countries around the world, which reflects the multicultural nature of Leicester City itself. Fr John Cahill has been the Parish Priest here since 2011, and has recently taken on the role of dual parish priest with Blessed Sacrament following the retirement of Fr John Joe Maloney. Fr Cahill will be supported in this role by Fr Kevin.

21 Hinckley Road




Blessed Sacrament Parish

Fr John Joe Maloney has served as Parish Priest at Blessed Sacrament for many years, and recently retired after fifty-four years of dedicated service to the priesthood. Fr John Cahill has recently moved to Blessed Sacrament and now how dual responsibility for both parishes. He will be supported in this role by Fr Anthony.

Gooding Avenue




Due to the location of our school, some of our children also worship at St Patrick’s Parish in Beaumont Leys, where Fr Raphael is Parish Priest.